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Scuba diving Price in Neil Island

Best Valued

Bright Package

4999 3999
  • Dive Time 15 to 20 Minutes
  • Personal Instructor
  • Dive site - Goldie's fish garden
  • Max depth 12meter
  • 20 Pictures & 2 videos of 2 minutes
Best Valued

Gold Package

6000 4,999
  • Dive Time 40 to 50 Minutes
  • Personal Instructor
  • Dive site - Goldie's fish garden
  • Max depth 12meter
  • 40+ Pictures & 2 video of 3 minutes

Bright Package(PADI DSD)

8,000 6,999
  • Dive Time 40 to 50 Minutes
  • Personal Instructor
  • Dive site - Goldie's fish garden
  • Max depth 12meter
  • 40+ Pictures & 2 video of 3minutes

Book Scuba Diving In Neil Island, Andaman​

Are You Looking for scuba diving on Neil island? if yes then you are in the right post here I have explained. how we conduct scuba diving one of the best water sports on Andaman island.

And also looking for a one-time dive like a boat dive and Open water course. That is for a beginner-level course or an advance level scuba course.

Here is Neil, you will get fewer people and clarity of water visibility and a good nature-friendly environment.

How do we conduct the Neil island scuba diving?

First, you need to book scuba diving online after you need to come to the dive shop and there we will provide you with the wear suits and equipment. after that, we will take to the beachside and on the shore. Training session for 30 Minutes. So you can be comfortable with the water and equipment.

Mainly the training session teaches you about inhale of oxygen with an oxygen cylinder.

Basically, we will discuss in this training session how to inhale and exhale oxygen from the mouth. and when some water comes to the mouth how to squeeze.

From the shore to the main dive site around 2km main dive site to reach there from the boat.

After proper training and the customer become confident then. we will take you to the main dive site, like – Fish slate, lighthouse, anchor Point, and Aquarium.

These dive sites have their own unique things and on some dive sites you will see a lot of corals and on some dive sites, you will see a lot of beautiful fishes.

What is the total duration of the boat dive take?

This boat dive activity it will take around 3 hours so if you want to experience you have to take at least 3 hours to enjoy scuba diving.

What is the age for boat diving and scuba diving?

Ans – Above 12 years to 50 years old people are allowed to do scuba

What is the complementary of this dive offer?

We will offer 40 plus photos and 2 videos of 3 minutes of Go pro 11 cameras for your beautiful memory.


You can visit  Andaman Neil island between August to to june that is best season and only July month is not good visit Neil Andaman.

starting packages from Rs,3999 to Rs, 6000 




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Our Happy Clients!

“Thank you for introducing me to the world of scuba diving. Your service is top notch and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an unforgettable experience!”

Ayesha Sharma
Ayesha Sharma

I never knew how calming scuba diving could be until I tried it with this service. The peacefulness I felt underwater was like nothing I‘ve ever experienced before and I‘m so grateful for the opportunity to explore a new side of myself.”

ravikant pillai
Ravikant Pillai

I was nervous to try scuba diving at first, but the staff at this service made me feel so welcome and comfortable. Doing something so thrilling was incredibly empowering, and I‘m so glad I took the plunge!”

Satinder Singh

Scuba diving with this service was an incredible experience. I felt an immense sense of joy and freedom when I was underwater, and I‘m so grateful for the amazing memories made with the team.”

Lily Granger​

I was overwhelmed with a sense of awe and wonder when I went scuba diving with this service. The sight of the vibrant coral and beautiful sea life was something I‘ll never forget and I‘m so grateful for the experience.”

John Alfred
John Alfred

Scuba diving with your team was a truly transformative experience. I felt so connected to the environment and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to explore a new side of myself.”

Cinthia Cook
Cinthia Cook

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