Romantic Candle Light Dinner

Havelock Island


Are You looking for the Best candle Light dinner in Havelock then You are in the perfect place. we will book your Perfect candle Night dinner with an affordable Budget and a Good Beach Property and Location that You will Love. Not only the Beautifull setup You will also love the quality of food and Drinks available we have selected The best candle night dinner service Provider who Provides quality services. 


Candle Light Dinner

This Set-up Cost ₹4500

Craving an extraordinary dining experience that makes you forget the mundane world and embrace the joy of togetherness? Elevate your romance with our curated beachside candlelight dinners


This Set-up Cost ₹5500

Feeling overwhelmed by choices? Discover the handpicked, best venues for a candlelight dinner in Havelock, ensuring your evening is a melody of love and togetherness.

beach side candle light dinner in havelock

This Set-up Cost Rs. 6500

Seeking to infuse a touch of magic into your relationship? Immerse in an unforgettable beachside candlelight dinner, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Candlelight dinner in Havelock

This Set-up Cost Rs. 7500

Dreading the same monotonous dinner routine? Revitalize your relationship with an unforgettable evening of exquisite dining and breathtaking ocean views.

Why Choose Us?

What Our Guests Say

"As someone who is always in search of unique experiences, the candlelight dinner at Havelock was beyond my expectations. The oceanic ambiance coupled with the soft light of the candles created a harmony I'll never forget. The food was a gastronomic delight too - Definitely worth every penny."

Kyle Simon

"Celebrating our anniversary with a candlelight dinner at Havelock was a brilliant idea. The exquisite location, the attentive staff, and the wonderful food all created an atmosphere of romance and intimacy that made the night memorable."

Brittany Foxx

"There’s a magical charm about the candlelight dinner at Havelock. Every detail, from the beach setting to the palatable menu, was designed to create a seamless dining experience. It was a combination of sweet surprise, delight, and everlasting memories."

Priya Shinde

"As a first-timer at Havelock, I didn't know what to expect. But the candlelight dinner exceeded all of my expectations. The serene environment, the sound of the waves, the beautifully set table, and the sumptuous food took the experience to an entirely different level. Whether you're a romantic at heart or seeking a serene getaway, it's a must-try."

Mark Foster

"I'm a hopeless romantic, and the candlelight dinner at Havelock hit all the right notes for me. As the sun set and the sound of waves set the mood, the flawless service and meticulous arrangements made the evening even more special. It was like living a dream."

Samantha Gilbert

"A candlelight dinner at Havelock is a page from a traveler's fairytale. The peaceful surroundings, twinkling stars overhead, the candle's glow, and a delectable meal created a breathtaking ambiance. It's an experience that blended elegance, romance and some indelible memories. Highly recommended!"

Edward Woo


What is the cost of candle light dinner in Andaman?

If you are looking for a Good beautiful setup for the beach side candle Light dinner then costs start from Rs-4,500 upto RS- 7,500 for the couple.

How to Book a Candle Night Dinner on Havelock Island?

For the Booking, you need to contact us through WhatsApp/ call choose Your package and give some token amount in advance according to the package.

What kind of food is available for candle Night dinner?

Both Veg and Non Veg are available and drinks are also available that cost extra charges.

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